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I will be offering different workshops at different timings each month.  Everything I have on offer will be announced here first. Kindly note, these workshops are in person happening here in Kuwait.

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dina dajani workshops

Visual Journaling - July 9, 10, 16, 17

Watercolours for a complete novice

- July 12, 13

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All you need to know about the workshops to determine which one is the right fit for you. If you have any further questions contact me and I will be more than happy to help.

Visual Journaling Pages

Visual Journaling the Next Step

By ddajani | September 19, 2023

ALUMNI STUDENTS Overview This course is for those of you who attended the visual journaling workshop and started your own journey of commemorating your life with picture. This is the next step. A refresher and a build up to what you have learned. So, if you are new here make sure to check visual journaling…

watercolour square pattern

Paint Yourself Calm

By ddajani | December 3, 2022

Overview Sometimes just a simple act of adding paint to paper with no prior planning or specific image expectation other than creating a simple pattern could be the best thing to create the state of flow. To think about colour combinations and different ways of watercolour application. It is deeply gratifying as well as therapeutic.…


Sketchbook Practice

By ddajani | May 28, 2022

Sketchbook Practice the Overview: Sketchbook Practice is one of the most vital skills to hone in ones life, wether it is for one owns enjoyment, creativity practice or a more targeted way of learning. Sketchbooks are safe places to explore, play, develop and learn new skills. It is the base of any creative process and…


Find Your Own Lettering Style in Writing

By ddajani | May 28, 2022

Find Your Own Lettering Style in Writing the Overview: Find your own lettering style in writing is about using architects approach in handwriting allowing you to annotate your sketchbooks with style. Few basic tips and lines can take your handwriting skills to a whole new level. I am often both asked and complemented about my…

Dina Sketching

Sketch With Me

By ddajani | April 28, 2022

Overview This is more of a relaxed meet up session where we gather, sketch, share stories and experiences along the way. It is a more loose approach to learning as opposed to my other workshops. We will be choosing a different object each time and applying the step by step method of learning. At the…

Sketch with me

Learn How to Sketch

By ddajani | April 27, 2022

Learn How to Sketch the Overview This is a four day workshop where you will be introduced to basic sketching exercises that will train you to draw. These exercises are designed to teach you to actually draw what you see. Not, what you think you see. A common mistake we all do because our brains…

supplies SLIDER paint tubes

Sketchers Guide to Using Watercolour

By ddajani | April 27, 2022

Overview of Sketchers Guide to Using Watercolour This workshop is an introduction to using watercolour in sketching which is completely different than the traditional studio painting. Therefore, the approach is different as well. You will be introduced to the medium and it’s uses strictly from a sketchers point of view. The best ways to form…

Watercolour Basics

Watercolour Workshop for a Complete Novice

By ddajani | July 24, 2021

Beginner Level Overview Watercolour workshop for a complete novice is covering basic knowledge about the medium and ways of creating with it. Covering the technical aspects along with general manipulation methods. It is strictly practical and designed to give you all the basic practice exercises, so you can better work with it. This is not…

Kit Visual Journaling

Visual Journaling Workshop! Recording Memories!

By ddajani | July 24, 2021

Beginner Level Overview We all have stories to tell, memories to cherish, often these get lost with time as we go through this very busy and fast life. We also are visual creatures (or at least some of us are). We respond better to pictures often more than words. If you are one of those…



Farah from @faby_garden

It was a very deep and joyful experience, not to mention Dina's clear flexibility when dealing with students.

10/10 would recommend.

Ahmad Al Obaid

Ahmad Al Obaid from @ahmad88me

Dina is a talented artist with a natural ability to communicate. Has the ability to convey technical concepts seamlessly, even to a complete novice like me. Enrolling in her visual journaling course enabled me to elevate my drawings and spot the difference in my work after completing it. From shadow to perspective my drawings were accompanied with technical tips which transforemd them to the next level. Besides the technical knowledge, her classes were fun and exciting. I can easily say that this is one of the best classes I have ever attended.

Jenan Shatti

Jenan from @_jalshatti

I joined a visual journaling workshop with the best artist.This was a very useful course where I learned how to use watercolours in four days which is a short time for mastering a skill. Dina was very friendly, kind and ready to answer any questions. This workshop taught me how to preserve my memories in a different way other than writing, adding the knowledge of the value and the importance of documenting them. I am grateful.

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