Visual Journaling the Next Step

Visual Journaling Pages

ALUMNI STUDENTS Overview This course is for those of you who attended the visual journaling workshop and started your own journey of commemorating your life with picture. This is the next step. A refresher and a build up to what you have learned. So, if you are new here make sure to check visual journaling…

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Paint Yourself Calm

watercolour square pattern

Overview Sometimes just a simple act of adding paint to paper with no prior planning or specific image expectation other than creating a simple pattern could be the best thing to create the state of flow. To think about colour combinations and different ways of watercolour application. It is deeply gratifying as well as therapeutic.…

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The Brush Roll

Brush Roll

As part of my sketching edit I wanted a brush roll that was customised to carry my favorite tools and brushes which I usually have in rotation as part of my kit most of the time.Adding my sketches to the design was a natural alignment to the whole process.After many years of sketching (eight to…

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The Palette

Folio Palette

Starting my edit with the perfect palette to get you sketching while also being very versatile allowing you to change things as you go along. Comprised of 17 metal pans ranging in sizes between mini, standard and double pans in an ArtToolKit brand Black Folio-Palette. Measures 135mm x 86mm x 7mm when closed. Colours specially…

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Unfolding Stories: Sketching Memories


Earlier this year, March to be exact. I was fortunate to get the opportunity to join the Sanad programme. Unfolding stories, sketching memories. Sanad is a long running programme at the Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre “ASCC”. In Collaboration with Yadawi Crafts who create various crafting sessions dedicated to senior women in the society. Teaching…

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Sketchbook Practice


Sketchbook Practice the Overview: Sketchbook Practice is one of the most vital skills to hone in ones life, wether it is for one owns enjoyment, creativity practice or a more targeted way of learning. Sketchbooks are safe places to explore, play, develop and learn new skills. It is the base of any creative process and…

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Find Your Own Lettering Style in Writing


Find Your Own Lettering Style in Writing the Overview: Find your own lettering style in writing is about using architects approach in handwriting allowing you to annotate your sketchbooks with style. Few basic tips and lines can take your handwriting skills to a whole new level. I am often both asked and complemented about my…

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Sketch With Me

Dina Sketching

Overview This is more of a relaxed meet up session where we gather, sketch, share stories and experiences along the way. It is a more loose approach to learning as opposed to my other workshops. We will be choosing a different object each time and applying the step by step method of learning. At the…

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Learn How to Sketch

Sketch with me

Learn How to Sketch the Overview This is a four day workshop where you will be introduced to basic sketching exercises that will train you to draw. These exercises are designed to teach you to actually draw what you see. Not, what you think you see. A common mistake we all do because our brains…

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Sketchers Guide to Using Watercolour

supplies SLIDER paint tubes

Overview of Sketchers Guide to Using Watercolour This workshop is an introduction to using watercolour in sketching which is completely different than the traditional studio painting. Therefore, the approach is different as well. You will be introduced to the medium and it’s uses strictly from a sketchers point of view. The best ways to form…

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