Find Your Own Lettering Style in Writing

Find Your Own Lettering Style in Writing the Overview:

Find your own lettering style in writing is about using architects approach in handwriting allowing you to annotate your sketchbooks with style. Few basic tips and lines can take your handwriting skills to a whole new level. I am often both asked and complemented about my handwriting in my sketchbooks and it couldn’t be easier to do. In this workshop I will show you how.

Find Your Own Lettering Style in Writing the Breakdown:

This workshop will be conducted over the course of two days where you will be introduced to basic skills which are commonly used in developing your own architectural lettering style. You will learn about basic tools to use and exercises to follow which will help you hone your handwriting skills as well as develop your own style.

Day One:

  • Introduction to basic tools to implement the handwriting practice.
  • Warm up exercises to teach you how to steady your hand in application.
  • Introduction to grids and font formation.
  • Time to practice the method.

Day Two:

  • Using different types of simple grids to create various writing styles.
  • Adding movement and depth to letters to create interest.
  • Practice various writing styles.
  • Trying to create and apply your own approach to the methods learned above.

Find Your Own Lettering Style in Writing is for you if you:

  • Are a complete novice and want to learn how to improve your writing.
  • Want to add more interest to your handwriting style.
  • Struggle with getting your writing neat in proportion and appearance.
  • Want your handwriting skills to match up to your visual journals while adding annotations.
  • Want to explore ways of developing your own style.

Find Your Own Lettering Style in Writing is not for you if you:

  • Think this is a calligraphy lettering course.
  • Want to learn more elaborate hand lettering approaches such as brush lettering.
  • Need to improve your cursive writing since this is a print script approach.

This is an in-person workshop happening here in Kuwait.

It is NOT an online event.

If you would like to join or learn more about when it is happening, hit the button below.

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