The Brush Roll

Brush Roll
The Sketching Edit Brush Roll

As part of my sketching edit I wanted a brush roll that was customised to carry my favorite tools and brushes which I usually have in rotation as part of my kit most of the time.Adding my sketches to the design was a natural alignment to the whole process.After many years of sketching (eight to be exact!) and many sketching kits. I have come to the conclusion of how the best kit might work for me.The idea was that each pocket was carefully placed and chosen for a designated tool which is a part of this edit.

The minimal edit that would get you sketching anywhere.Portable enough to grab and go.


  • Outer bamboo roll sized 42cm width by 30 cm height.
  • Available in two colour ways. Dark Brown and Light Birch.
  • Inner fabric cotton sized 39cm width by 25cm height
  • Total of eight pockets. Six long ones. Four for brushes ( a mop,a round, a dagger 3/8″ and a 1/2″ one). One wide pocket for folio palette.
  • Two ribbons with logo to fasten the roll together sized at 48cm each.Plenty to keep everything secured in place.

Price: 25 KD

Delivery calculated according to area. Currently only delivering in Kuwait.


These brush rolls were designed by me and custom made to order to accommodate my sketching edit. Each fabric is hand printed with the image from an original sketch by me and sewn here in Kuwait. Due to the nature of fabric and hand made aspects each piece is unique in that there may be some discrepancies between them, which nonetheless affects their function or appearance.

If you are interested in one, just hit the magic button below and I will get back to you. Should you have any more questions I would be more than happy to answer them.

I am currently providing this brush roll as part of the sketching edit only here in my studio in Kuwait. Also available for home delivery.