Visual Journaling Workshop! Recording Memories!

Beginner Level


We all have stories to tell, memories to cherish, often these get lost with time as we go through this very busy and fast life. We also are visual creatures (or at least some of us are). We respond better to pictures often more than words. If you are one of those people and would love to record your daily life, then visual journaling workshop is the right one for you. This workshop is introductory level and will get you started with the basics.


Day One of Visual Journaling Workshop

You will learn all about using basic minimal kit which aids in making the whole process simpler, more accessible for you to reach out everyday and actually do the practice. You will also learn about basic watercolour mixing skills used in this type of journaling. The sketchers approach to using watercolours. Everything you need for the workshop will be supplied during the class. You will be given a small sketchbook to take home with you.

Day Two of Visual Journaling Workshop

Basic sketching skills. We will be looking at some exercises to train your hand-eye coordination. These will enable you to draw what you actually see as opposed to what you think you see.

Students work during workshop

Day Three of Visual Journaling Workshop

Composition and page layout. We will be looking at different ways of forming various compositions for your pages. Understand how to put it all together creating a pleasing visual journal. Your page design!

Students designing their final pages using various approaches to compositon

Day Four of Visual Journaling Workshop

Putting it all together. We will be creating our final pages using the knowledge and skills aquired on previous days.

This workshop is for you if you :

  • Wanted to do something along the lines of sketching.
  • Followed my journals, got inspired and want to give it a go yourself.
  • Have no prior skills or knowledge.
  • You just want to learn something new and different.
  • You’ve always been a journaling person and now want to add some visual aspect to it.
  • You like to hang out with people who are obsessed with recording memories.
  • You want to learn a sketchers approach to using watercolours.

This workshop is NOT for you if :

  • If you think this course is all about watercolour painting.
  • Expect to learn traditional ways of watercolour use and approach.
  • You think you will go home with a pretty end picture result.

This is an in-person workshop happening here in Kuwait!

It is NOT an online event.

If you would like to join or learn more about when it is happening, hit the button below.

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