Sketching Tools

It’s no secret that if you are into art of any kind then you are bound to be an art supply junkie, addict, hoarder or anything else you would like to call it. I mean in this day and age how can one not be. So many good cool things, tools and never ending improved mediums in all the colours of the rainbow. I have spent many a year as well as a quid on so many supplies without actually committing to doing art, or doing it enough. Living in a country where I can’t easily source specific items that I needed meant I even had to spend more money to buy it online and ship it all across the globe. Nevertheless, over the years I’ve learned a lot. As I am exploring the local market constantly to find suppliers and source everything locally I am also always on the lookout for retailers that ship free worldwide which are hassle free and reliable. I love my tools, love using them and most of all talking about them. Learning about each medium and its ability to be used or manipulated in different ways is a process in itself.

So if you are an addict like I am, grab a cuppa, sit back with your feet up and soak up on some of the most amazing topics we can talk about! That is apart from ART of course!

Minimalistic Sketching Kit

My Minimalistic Sketching Kit

The sketching kit I took on my trip to York I was recently on a personal trip to York (you can read more about it here). Even though I knew it’s not strictly a sketching one, I decided to take my kit just in case I could muster up some time to do so. With…

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Black Pens in Sketching

Black Pens in Sketching and how to choose the best fit

Finding the perfect black pen In my work I like to use black pens or liners over my initial pencil work before or after adding the watercolours to give it that sketchy look. When working in special watercolour sketchbooks I use fountain pens but that’s for another post. For my daily sketching in pocket moleskine…

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White pens I use in my sketching

White pens in sketching! The why, how and my favorites…

When you start sketching for the first time or get back to it after longer period, you will find yourself trying to mimic every detail and every line being tempted to colour the whole thing in. While that is what you see, leaving white space on the paper is the most effective way to achieve…

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