Sketching the Everyday

It all started in 2018 when I came across an account on Instagram where a lady is sketching on a small moleskine pocket day planner and it just hit me. What a brilliant idea! By then I have been trying to adapt the habit of sketching daily and keeping it consistent only to fail time and time again. Here it was, small page pre-lined, pre-dated wee book only waiting to be filled with one small memory a day. I can do that. So, I raced online to order my 2018 daily planner, anxiously waited for its arrival and once again failed; for you can see from the picture I haven’t even opened it. A year later I found myself in a bookshop in Zagreb and there it was. Another moleskine pocket daily planner waiting for me to be picked up. This time with red cover.  Thoughts raced through my head as I was debating whether or not to get it, after all I still have my 2018 sitting on the shelf. Then a voice just said, this time it will be different. This one is red, it’s bound to drag some positive energy and I will do it! I picked it up, bought it and the rest was history.

This is a glimpse into my day to day ramblings, musing in other words snippets of my life.

Come along while I take my lines on daily walks keeping my sketching alive and keeping that habit going.


Unfolding Stories: Sketching Memories

Earlier this year, March to be exact. I was fortunate to get the opportunity to join the Sanad programme. Unfolding stories, sketching memories. Sanad is a long running programme at the Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre “ASCC”. In Collaboration with Yadawi Crafts who create various crafting sessions dedicated to senior women in the society. Teaching…

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Daily Sketching Routines Kit

Everyday Sketching Routines You Will Want to Adopt

WHY ADOPT EVERYDAY SKETCHING ROUTINES IN THE FIRST PLACE? Well let’s start with the fact that if you are here reading this. It is probably because you have been trying to adopt everyday sketching routines and make it more of a habit, incorporating it into your daily life. Wether it is just purely to live…

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Daily Sketching Minimalistic Tool Kit

My daily sketching habit and how it all started

When I decided that I wanted to get back to my creativity getting in touch with my roots and doing things which I loved more. I found the urban sketching society and started my journey of self discovery. I then started taking online classes and traveling to urban sketching symposiums, which in turn aided in…

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