Show Your Work ! By Austin Kleon

Show your work Dina Dajani

Show Your Work is a book I needed to read many years ago. Truth be told in todays world and at the time of me writing this review. Most of you are already doing it anyway. If not only sharing but maybe even oversharing. If like me you have been reading many blog posts, researching…

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Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon Book Review

Steal like an artist

I have had this book few years now on my kindle and never got to reading it till the end. Until I bought it recently as a hard copy. Something about this little book and its format is demanding to be read from an actual hard copy as opposed to reading it from a screen.…

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The Creative Doer By Anna Lovind Review

The creative doer cover

The Creative Doer is on the list of our January’s book discussion read for a mastermind group I am taking part in. If it wasn’t for the group maybe I wouldn’t have had the chance to stumble across this gem. I am so glad I did. Day two into the book and I am half…

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Shut Your Monkey By Danny Gregory

Shut Your Monkey

Why Shut Your Monkey ? Is Shut Your Monkey a book for me? Well, if you are a creative of any sorts then you are inevitably cursed with the inner critic syndrome ! We all have it. It’s like an unspoken rule of all creatives. My daughter is thirteen as I type this and I…

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Art Before Breakfast By Danny Gregory

Art Before Breakfast Insta

My biggest outtake form Art Before Breakfast I am guessing you are here researching Art Before Breakfast because you want to get inspired to live your life with bit more creativity in it. I was. That’s why it ended on my bookshelf. I have read it a while ago and been flipping through, re-reading it…

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The Artist Way by Julia Cameron

The Artist's Way

The inner critic, the censor, the monkey… call it what you want, it all boils down to one thing! As I read and go through more and more art books about discovering or rather recovering my creative self. I find that they all emphasize on one thing. YOU being your own self worst enemy. If…

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