Shut Your Monkey By Danny Gregory

Why Shut Your Monkey ?

Is Shut Your Monkey a book for me? Well, if you are a creative of any sorts then you are inevitably cursed with the inner critic syndrome ! We all have it. It’s like an unspoken rule of all creatives. My daughter is thirteen as I type this and I can see all the signs on her already. Actually they have been surfacing long before but now have manifested themselves loud and clear.

We all tend to go through the ups and downs during our creative endeavors when downs seem to last too long and our own biggest enemy (inner critic in this case the monkey) can get us off track and keep there longer than we should be. That’s when we loose track, loose sight and steer away.

This is when a book of such type is good to pick up and go on a reading date with!

Am I the only one?

No! Your’e not. Reading this book will highlight so many things already existing in your head. Questions you asked your self, self sabotage techniques you have already used and so much more. You will find yourself afirming many things that are mentioned in the book. Once you see that it’s not only you then your A-Ha moment will come. Light bulb will switch on and you will realize that you are normal, hence hopefully grant your self some grace and exhale.

What’s Next?

That’s up to you. The book will arm you with ways of recognizing the voice of the monkey and help you work around the noise to get to the bottom of things and do what your’e meant to be doing. Your art!

Once again the layout and illustrations throughout the book are a doddle to look at and read. It’s one of those books you will keep dipping back in whenever the need presents itself. It’s your secret weapon against the Monkey!

So, get to the bottom of it ! Shut Your Monkey !

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