Art Before Breakfast By Danny Gregory

My biggest outtake form Art Before Breakfast

I am guessing you are here researching Art Before Breakfast because you want to get inspired to live your life with bit more creativity in it.

I was. That’s why it ended on my bookshelf. I have read it a while ago and been flipping through, re-reading it just before I sit here trying to review what it was that drew my attention to it in the first place.

The general message of the book is getting you into living your creative life no matter how busy you are and therefore giving you all the tips and prompts to do so.

However my favorite part of all is at the very begging of the book when Danny explains why it matters to do your art and then proceeds to explain how there are two types of art. Art with a big A and art with a small a. We all fall in the latter category. For the sake of me not being the one committing a spoiler here should you choose to read this book. let me just say that it all revolves around you being you and creating art for the process and joy it brings you. Not so you would be featured in a museum or gallery. At least not at the beginning and if you end up there eventually then that’s amazing. I am cheering you all the way. However, for the rest of us just doing it to feel alive and connected with our creative core. It sure removes a big load off, of always having to think that we are doing it because something must come out of it. It doesn’t ! The pure joy of the process should be sufficient and gratifying not to mention therapeutic. And yes, you are an artist no matter what anyone else says! If you’re holding a pen scribbling your feelings, translating your thoughts then you are one! Don’t let anyone take that away form you.

The rest of the book

The start of the book will take you through a week of 15-minutes drawing lessons that will help you create that habit of committing to your new practice. I have wrote about my own journey of creating a daily sketching habit here.

The drawing lessons are those standard ones from continuous line drawing to negative space and so on. Only here they are nicely arranged in a week of lessons and are accompanied by you tube videos done by Danny himself. It’s brilliant. Takes the guess work out. All you got to do is follow.

The language of the book is spot on. You will feel you are sitting with a buddy while he walks you through what to do next. Easy no faff approach straight to the point. After all you are busy, busy, busy to read a long book and need to get on with the art!

You will love the layout and the illustrations throughout the book and every page will prompt you more and more to pick up your tools and start.

So, what are you waiting for ?

Art Before Breakfast Book
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