The Creative Doer By Anna Lovind Review

The Creative Doer is on the list of our January’s book discussion read for a mastermind group I am taking part in. If it wasn’t for the group maybe I wouldn’t have had the chance to stumble across this gem. I am so glad I did. Day two into the book and I am half way trough it. It got me buzzing with dozens of thoughts that I didn’t want to wait to finish it before I reviewed it.

I wish I had this book in my hands when I was younger, when my children were tiny, when I couldn’t find it my heart to extend myself some grace and realize that what I was doing at that moment (motherhood ) is one of the biggest and hardest jobs there is and that, that is only a phase. That one day I will have time for things which fulfill the creative in me. I’ve spent too many days resenting the new dynamics in my life not knowing how to balance things, resulting in me completely abandoning my creative side. The only creative outlet at the time was through baking and decorating lush cookies for birthdays. Decorating my home and making things beautiful around me. Had I had this book then I would have found out that it is ok to shuffle things around, do them less and periodically while still doing them and not letting go altoghther. While I am an all or nothing girl I ended up abandoning it all.

In her book, Anna finds a way to put everything in separate boxes and show you how to avoid overwhelm by planning and being clear about your next step, what’s more she relates it all to womanhood . That is the most authentic thing about this book that makes it all the more special for us women, we can all completely relate to every single point she mentions.

I always felt that sense of unfairness being a woman having to constantly shape and change my life in a way that it would fit our family life logistics at every given stage. I also was harsh on myself for not achieving as much as I would have wanted to. Somehow hearing other women stories makes it easier to lend my self some compassion in a way I have never did before. It takes much more hard work and loads of logistics for a mom to leave the house in pursuit of her dreams than a dad had ever had to do or think about. So be kind to yourself and celebrate whatever small achievements you managed at the time and know that it will all change as children grow.

Like with many other books I am always at awe of the synchronicity that happens at the exact time of me reading the book and the things happening in my head as well as my life at the time.

At the end of every chapter there is a lovely Q&A section where Anna shares questions of women who participated in her course or workshops where you will definitely find your self relate to many. My favourite was on page 189. I so needed to hear that one. Starting this blog and building up my website I was given so many advise on how to approach it, to know who are my audience is that I completley lost track of me. I felt the more I dug into the technical side of how things should be written or done to boost SEO and marketing to keeping others in mind, my writing and experience felt dry and boxed into a more generic type sell it to all thing. It was nice to be reminded that this is for me and if anyone out there relates to what I have to share then that is an extra bonus. For now it is vital to keep me in mind and share what matters to me the most.

This was a brilliant read. One of my favourite that left an impact on me long after I have finished it and will be going back to it again and again.

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