Urban Sketching in Picturesque York

Sketching in York

First sketch in York This trip was not about urban sketching or being a tourist first time in York, rather a more personal one. One that included lots of errands and many, many shopping trips with tedious amounts of heavy carrying. Nevertheless, I made sure I had my minimal kit on me every time I…

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Urban Sketching in Lisbon and the memories I Want to Capture Forever

Lisbon Church

Urban Sketching and the memories it holds I’ve said it before, urban sketching is the best way to engrave moments and memories in ones brain. They tend to stay and linger there forever, very welcomed I may add. Exploring Lisbon one day going to the Monastery Moisterio Dos Jeronimos I took shelter under the shade…

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Viarco visit memories and the lessons it taught me…

Viarco Art Graph

Few years back even before my trip to Portugal was in the stars. My friend was talking to me about how her sister in-law had gifted her with a moleskine small sketchbook and graphite in a new form I haven’t seen before. It was water soluble graphite that came in a little round tin the…

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Portugal Memories… Porto

Porto Collage

After attending the Manchester USK symposium, needless to say I’ve got the bug and wanted to do it every year! Alas the next year was in Chicago which meant on the other side of the globe involving lots of logistics that could not be overcome. Luckily for me the following year the year of 2018…

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Manchester Memories….

Manchester Memories USK Symposium

This is where my journey of reconnecting with my creativity started. After many years of life getting in the way (as it often does for all of us) and me simply forgetting the one thing that made me always feel alive. The year of 2016 found me on my quest of soul-searching, a quest that…

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